Hi, I’m Giulia. 

I am an artist, an illustrator and a live painter. But, more than that, an empathic and highly-sensitive person who travels on this planet telling and painting stories.

My main source of inspiration is NATURE and its deep relationship with the DREAMS WORLD that lies inside us. My research focuses on the hidden forces of Nature, old tales, mysteries of unconsciousness, the necessity of conjugating and harmonizing real and surreal worlds in order to understand ourselves and the others. In order to find our wholeness.

We are made of stories,
we are our stories,
ever since humans stepped on this earth the first time,
they have needed stories to survive.

You may ask: what is your story, then?

Well, I was born in the enchanted Italy and have lived most of my life there. I have a Master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology achieved at the University of Turin and I used to work as Italian Literature and history teacher in the high schools. 
I have always been painting as an amateur but ten years ago I achieved a three-year diploma in Illustration at “International School of Comics” in Turin. 
From that moment, I started working as an artist!

Maybe you don’t know that I started my art career as a live painter!

Yes, this is actually an inspiring story! It teaches us that everything is possible and highlights the importance of following your dreams no matter what! Since 2017, I have been working with Eleonora Frida Mino, theatrical author and performer, as live painter and illustrator, participating in several shows dedicated to the fight against the mafia. During these performances, I paint on the stage, giving shapes and colors to the theatrical world.  I follow the rhythm of the play and live music emphatically, designing big canvases to describe the visual side of the narrated story. Since then, I have been involved in many projects concerning live sketching and live painting such as “A TODO COLOR“, an exhibition about Argentine Tango and “Vetrina moving bodies festival“, the Butoh’s dance International festival.


I am a sleepwalker and, apparently, my favorite place to go as a sleepwalker is the balcony.
No matter what’s the temperature outside.

Very often I experience LUCID DREAMS.
 fly on fantastic landscapes, forests, huge flowers and impossible cities.  It can be overwhelming when I am not quite sure whether I am dreaming or not. 

I have worked in a PRISON!
Yep, the place is Kilmainham Gaolone of the most important national monuments  in Ireland. In some ways, we can say that Ireland, as the country we know today, was born among those walls.

You may want to CHECK IT OUT!

I am a trained YOGA TEACHER  and a SKIPPER.
I love the sea and its creatures, traveling slowly in the blue, staying still in an ancient position till my body and mind become one.
Sailing and Yoga practice may look different but are both spiritual activities through which you can experience the Divine.

Whatever it means for you.

Once, I PAINTED the BODY of a woman to celebrate the commitment of women who fight against the mafia every day.
The body painting “AGAINST THE MAFIA” became a video and it was featured by important newspapers.

Scroll down to watch it! 

 make me laugh ♥

Innocent and ADORABLE creatures!

Totò, a famous Italian actor, used to say:

“The dog is a Mister. It is halfway between a BABY and an ANGEL”. 

After very bad experiences on the LOVE SIDE, I had almost lost hope. Once, I was sitting on a bench feeling sorry for myself when I saw a blonde guy passing by and I thought: “Giulia, you are so sad sitting here, you think you’ll never find Love but you know what? Maybe that guy over there…maybe he will be your husband!”. 

Well, you can’t believe this but… I was right. We got married three years later.

My favorite book is
LA DIVINA COMMEDIA” by Dante Alighieri.

It tells the story of Dante and his journey in the afterlife. The book changed my life forever. Because each one of us experiences HELL sooner or later and, to overcome hell, you must go all the way down to be able to start the ascent through PURGATORY to HEAVEN.

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