Giulia Salza was born in Turin, Italy. She has a master’s degree in Cultural Anthropology achieved at the University of Turin and a three-year diploma in Illustration at “International School of Comics”. Her desire and artistic mission is integrating painting with other forms of arts: music, writing, dance and theatre.

She has been involved in many projects concerning live sketching and live painting such as “A TODO COLOR“, an exhibition about Argentine Tango hosted by Caffè Basaglia’s association in 2016 and “Vetrina moving bodies festival“, the Butoh’s dance International festival in 2018.

She also illustrates the blog i colori delle mamme , a blog about adoption.

Since 2017, she has been working with Eleonora Frida Mino, theatrical author and performer, as live painter and illustrator, participating in several shows dedicated to the fight against mafia. During these performances, the artist paints on the stage, giving shapes and colors to the theatrical world following the rhythm of the play and live music emphatically, designing big canvas to describe the visual side of the narrated story.

In 2018 the body painting “Against Mafia” reached a high level of mediatic diffusion thanks to a video: Giulia paints a woman body to celebrate the commitment of women who fight against the mafia every day. The video has been broadcasted at national level by Dee Jay Radio and La Repubblica website.

Furthermore, Giulia Salza illustrated posters, playbills and postcards, for two different shows:
The Rebels: women who fought against the Mafia and women who chose it” and “Emanuela Loi: the girl who was Judge Borsellino’s bodyguard“.

 She also painted backdrops used for it and additional scenography material, including a mural dedicated to the main character.